Concrete Demolition and Excavation

Removing old concrete, earth, or debris is part of any construction process. We like to say “concrete starts from the ground up.” One of the most important aspects of anything concrete is to prepare the sub-grade. By removing below standard earthen material and replacing it with specifically designed rock back-fill we can ensure a quality concrete product for years to come. Foundation dig-outs, back-fill, drainage, grading excavation, demolition, trucking sand and gravel we do it all. If you prepare a solid surface beneath your concrete the product we place will last twice as long.

A common request for a concrete contractor in Seattle is concrete demolition and excavation. J&J Concrete Construction is a concrete demolition and excavation contractor in Seattle. We believe that concrete demolition and excavation is a key element to quality finished concrete work in Seattle. To personalize a residence, the first step is concrete demolition or excavation. Concrete demolition and excavation is one of the most important features of any residence in Seattle. Concrete demolition and excavation sets the tone and theme for a residential property. We specialize in concrete demolition and excavation in Seattle or any concrete contractor project.


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