Basement Floors

Basement Floors – Concrete Flat Work


Your basement floors shouldn’t be covered up! There are many different things to do with a new basement floor or even a old one. Lets be honest, who wants to look at a gray grimy floor; we don’t. At J&J we always tell the customer to protect your basement floor after the fact. By doing this, your floor can be transformed into anything you want. We like to look at basement floors as a clean sheet of paper that can change into useful space with the help of our expertise.

A common request for a concrete contractor in Seattle is concrete basement floors. J&J Concrete Construction is a concrete basement floors contractor in Seattle. We believe that concrete basement floors are a key feature to characterize any residence or commercial business in Seattle. Concrete basement floors can personalize a residence. Concrete basement floors are one of the most important features of any residence in Seattle. Concrete basement floors set the tone and theme for a residential property. We specialize in concrete basement floors in Seattle or any concrete contractor project.

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