Aggregate Finish

Aggregate Finish – Concrete Flat Work


Aggregate finish, sometimes known as exposed aggregate is a lost art in the concrete business. Yet as a specialty product, this is what most people want! There are many different methods to this art and over the years J&J has perfected this method. By being able to choose specific colors of rock in the concrete, along with a consistent  finished surface, every aggregate slab J&J pours displays the years of experience and the personality of the customer.

A common request for a concrete contractor in Seattle is a concrete aggregate finish. J&J Concrete Construction is a concrete aggregate finish contractor in Seattle. We believe that a concrete aggregate finish is a key feature to characterize any residence or commercial business in Seattle. A concrete aggregate finish can personalize a residence. Concrete aggregate finish is one of the most important features of any residence in Seattle. A concrete aggregate finish sets the tone and theme for a residential property. We specialize in concrete aggregate finish in Seattle or any concrete contractor project.

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