Flat Work

Flat work encompasses all concrete on a horizontal surface.  Examples include patios, driveways, interior slabs, etc. It can incorporate many different finishes: hard trowel, stamp, rotary, broom, and aggregate just to name a few.





Garage Floors: “Taking the time to get it right,” a motto of J&J that goes into all garage floors we pour. We take a commercial approach to finishing a concrete slab. This means that your garage floor can look like a polished industrial floor such as a Costco or Home Depot.

Basement Floors: Your basement floors shouldn’t be covered up! There are many different things to do with a new basement floor or even a old one. Lets be honest, who wants to look at a gray grimy floor; we don’t. At J&J we always tell the customer to protect your basement floor after the fact. By doing this, your floor can be transformed into anything you want. We like to look at basement floors as a clean sheet of paper that can change into useful space with the help of our expertise.

Broom Finish: There are many different ways to broom a slab. We will work with the customer to bring the quality of the broom finish out to where it not only appeals to the our eye, but to your eye as well. With a broomed project, you only have one chance to get it right. As with all of the projects we do, our goal is to make the flat work last over time.

Aggregate Finish: Exposed aggregate is a lost art in the concrete business. Yet as a specialty product, this is what most people want! There are many different methods to this art and over the years J&J has perfected this method by not only being able to choose what colors of rock to put in the mix, but being able to have a consistent cut throughout the design of the product. We take the extra time to get it right the first time.

Stamp Finish: Our goal at J&J Concrete is to make something look as if it is not concrete. To take the eye off the material and make it look as if you are actually walking on stone. Of course there are many different patterns the customer can choose from. Its all just dependent on what appeals to you. We like to think of our stamp finish as art, and we hope you do the same!

Rotary Finish: A different form of concrete art that can only be explained by the feel and touch of the tools in your hands.  It is an artistic way of expressing not only the capabilities at J&J, but testing the skills of our experiences through the years. Rotary flat work is all about the details.


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