Josh Resume

Josh resume: co-founder of J&J Concrete has Fifteen years of extensive experience in the business. What began as summer job at Poppoff Inc. flourished into a career and a passion to provide quality service and long-term product to both business and residential concrete construction. Initial experience began in the summer of 1995 starting as a Laborer at Poppoff Inc. prepping and cleaning tools, performing and placement of concrete and gaining hands on education in the trade.

He attended Western Washington University from 1995-2000 and gained a Bachelor’s degree in Finance. Working for Poppoff in the summers, while gaining valuable experience, Josh put himself through school.  Expectations grew to handling solo projects pouring 1000sq feet without supervision. Additional responsibilities included operation of power trowels and many other tools to complete jobs such large commercial floor projects, were added during Josh Thompson’s tenure as he rose to Foreman managing a labor force to oversee finished projects of large scale.

Together with his brother Jake, he decided to establish the business of J&J Concrete. While both brothers are “hands on” with the concrete placement and finishing aspects of the business, Josh’s business degree enables him to cover the behind the scenes aspect of the company, bidding, paper work, etc.  Both brothers are deeply involved in building personal relationships with their customers which J&J has become known for in the construction industry.

J&J has successfully been in business for 7 years and with this experience have been trained and equipped to use the following:


  • Power Trowels
  • Dump Truck
  • Excavator (Heavy equipment)
  • Loaders
  • Laser Screed

Chemical Products

  • Sealers
  • Muriatic acids
  • Rugasol, waxes
  • Polymers
  • Calcium/ calcium chloride
  • Color in powder form/liquid color
  • Release agents

Throughout his career in construction Josh Thompson has been entrusted by his supervisors to oversee various projects giving him a wealth of experience pouring concrete for both residential and business clients. Below are some notable projects on Josh’s resume:

Poppoff (1995-2002)

  • Campbell County Airport – Gillette, WY                                      $4MM
  • Hanford Nuclear Facility – Hanford, WA                                     $5MM
  • Costco – Puerto Rico                                                               $15MM
  • Grand Coulee Dam – Grand Coulee, WA                                  $20MM

Josh’s experience in one of the largest and prestigious construction companies as well as his knowledge and work ethic gave him the skills and confidence that he applies in own company of J&J Concrete.

J&J’s priority is to understand the client’s needs and most especially during these economic times, working with the client’s budget. This has given J&J pride in their work and formed solid customer relationships that extend after the project is completed. Most of all our additional work also comes from our clients’ referrals and recommendations.

J&J Projects

  • Aramark Ind.> $200k (Commercial)
  • Custom residential>$250k
  • Smaller Residential> $1000k to $50k



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